Spring Cleaning

Farmer Todd and his little shadow

So I know its April, and I know we live in Northern Wisconsin. So at some point the long wet and snowy springs should no longer phase me and actually, for the most, part they don't. But this is year, this year is my first spring really farming. So all of a sudden springs less predictable temperament seems a little more personal. Watching your row cover get ripped up by tearing wind and let in wet heavy snow that beats down on your freshly planted kale. Well all of a sudden I don't feel very neutral about the spring snowstorm. It sucks.

See that spot behind the closest high tunnel...yeah there was Kale and row cover there. On and up note can you name that fun new farm implement in the foreground? You're going to see it more later this summer!

So what do you do when its too wet and windy to plant? You clean out the barn.....Yup! I desperately wish I had a before shot of the floor to ceiling and wall to wall wood piles that once occupied this space. But alas, I do not. So just imagine it in your mind all dusty and covered in piles of dead Asian beetles.... and then open your eyes....doesn't that clean and swept corner look amazing!

That was Phase one- a half day of two people doing nothing but moving wood. But thanks to Chris and Alex, with three of us Phase two of this project took all of two hours and now we have a clean and organized place for boxes...ahhh the sick satisfaction of organization.


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