River Road Farm produce delivered right to your doorstep

You no longer have to go out searching for River Road Farm products at the grocery or restaurant. Now you can get a taste of what's fresh from our fields brought to your door. Just place your order with our friend Harvie and we will deliver a box of the freshest, highest quality, nutrient dense produce we have available each week. 

Harvie will take care of your order! That way, we can keep on farming. 


What is Harvie?


Harvie is a software platform that helps farmers offer their customers a customizable farm share program. Here is how it works:

Each week's box will be based on a combination of your preferences and what our farm has available that week. For example: don't like beets? Rate them a “not for me” and you will never get them in your box! Love carrots? Rate them “I love them” and if we’ve got them, you’ll get them! And each week you can further customize your box by swapping items too!

Bottom line, Harvie gives you more choice and flexibility while still supporting local, seasonal farmers!


What You Can Expect


  1. Once you sign up, you’ll get to set preferences to all the products we offer. This tells the algorithm what to give you every week. Don’t worry, you can change these at anytime!

  2. Prior to your delivery you'll receive the “It’s Time to Customize Your Share” email.  You'll have a window of time to make swaps, place a hold or reschedule your order, or purchase extras. If your order looks good you don’t have to do anything, just pick up as usual. 

  3. Pick up your fully customized box! 


Harvie = Outstanding Customer Support

Have questions? We have solutions! Harvie is providing you with customer service folks who are on standby to help you with any questions you have.