River Road Farm is a small diversified fruit and vegetable farm that utilizes high tunnel greenhouse structures to produce high quality produce through all four seasons of the year.

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Clam Shell Greens

Find our custom greens salad mixes at the Chequmegon Food Coop in Ashland.  We’ve become famous  for our organically grown succulent leaves. We offer a tantalizing assortment of colors and flavors. From light and juicy baby lettuce to hardy spinach and a hint of spicy arugula our diversity  of mixes will please the eye and stimulate your taste buds.

NEW! Rfarm2Door

Now you can get a taste of whats fresh from the rich soil along the Marengo River delivered right to your doorstep. Just place your order here and we will deliver a box of the freshest, highest quality, nutrient dense produce we have available each week.

River Road Farm prides itself on the care taken to foster soil that is teaming with life, which in turn makes micronutrients available to the plants, enriching them with the highest nutritional quality and superb flavor.  

Wholesale to Restaurants


River Road Farm provides the highest quality fresh produce the season has to offer- at reasonable prices, with the consistency and reliability businesses are looking for. We deliver to Ashland, Washburn, Bayfield and Madeline Island.